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The Emarati Sara Al Shorouqi a results driven woman

She is an ambitious, results-driven Emirati woman who is recognized for leading complex projects. She has worked in multicultural companies for over 17 years and led various teams with many different backgrounds and skills. She believes in women empowerment, knowledge transfer, and developing the people around her. She is a talented public speaker taking part in women empowerment summits and events having a positive impact on others.

Arab Woman Mag had the honor to interview the determined, confident, and assertive Sara Al Shorouqi, currently the Executive Director Group Communications for Emirates Defence Industries Company, & a Board Member for Turbine Services & Solutions.

When we talk about what makes a great leader we always reflect upon the influence of the family, can you share with our readers the role of your family and parents in instilling these leadership qualities in you?

I am the only daughter to a wonderful couple, my father started his career as a teacher and ended it contributing to the establishment of the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi.  He has always believed in me and always pushed me to over achieve, treating me like an individual not as a girl, empowering me to influence my three younger brothers positively. He taught me discipline, assertiveness and humility.  My Mom on the other hand was the one who made multitasking seem like a piece of cake! She went back to college when I was 14, was simultaneously working full time while taking care of us, and having my youngest brother in the process.  She was an IT programmer, an artist, an actively involved mother and wife and a great cook.  They are both retired now, but both extremely active.  My father is exploring Aquaponics and my mother is engaging more and more in her Mosaic art.



As a woman in a male dominant career what are some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

The greatest challenge women face is the ability to believe in themselves and their capabilities, if you do not believe in yourself no one will! A woman should always walk into her workplace as an individual, one that is talented and capable. A woman’s confidence in who she is and what she is capable of achieving is what takes her places.

In one of the summits you spoke about the role of a mother and how it does not stand in the way of success, in your opinion what effect does a successful career mother have on her children? 

I can see in my kid’s eyes how proud they are of me, they actually tell me that.  A successful mother is one that makes her duties towards her kids at the front and center of her priorities.  Transferring her knowledge to her kids is what will make them excel in school, have healthy friendships and live a happy life.  It is not the number of hours a woman spends with her kids that matters, it’s what they do during those hours.  A successful career woman knows how to delegate, define clear roles and transfer knowledge.  Applying the same at home only builds kids with strong, capable characters.


Many Emirati women have excelled and hold leadership positions, how do you see the state of the Emirati woman in the future, and what advice would you share with her and other Arab women?

We are blessed to be in a country that sets no boundaries to women.  We obtained high quality education and were always supported by the leadership and our superiors.  Emirati women have  great opportunities like  Emirati men.  We just need to stop labeling ourselves, stop looking at gender and start focusing more on the individuals’ capabilities, expertise and potential and place those talents in the right positions for them to thrive.

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