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The Horror of War

By Mira Khatib


Clear blue skies and twinkles a far

“Look mom a shooting star”

A glee of innocence filled with pride,

She held him close wishing to hide


Down it came with its rushing flames

A power of a rocket that knows no aim

Screams from a far, so much pain

“Mommy am I to blame? Born an Arab a Muslim is no shame”

“Why did they kill me? Did I sin?”

Everything went silent, life went dim


His little body scattered on the ground

His little soul shuddered with the reality found.


Dreams lost, unfulfilled,

Promises broken, hope is killed.

Tears of sorrow that there is no tomorrow.


A cry for life, a plea for peace

What’s another lost soul for the greater goal?

“Mommy although now I’m gone, was naive and so young,

But in this second I have learned the truth of things that adjourned.

 In this war there are no winners, just chattered lives and end for beginners! ”



Photo credit: appropos / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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