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The other Face of Love

By Ramzi Al Arabi


In the middle of a mature conversation with some friends, who kept blowing my mind about the unstoppable softness of love, the happiness it brings and the wonderful taste it gives to life, I had to revolt against their thoughts saying: “My friends, all you said is true, but nobody wanted to think of the dark side of love, because nobody wants to think of the dark side of the moon”.

They were astonished by what I said and asked: “Does love have a dark side?”, And in a voice like a brook I answered: “My friends, Love isn’t only joy, for you may cry and weep like a tiger weeps his dead tigress.

Love isn’t only warmth, for you may feel the cruelty of coldness thrilling your bones in summer midday.

Love isn’t only safety, for you may fear your shadows and your illusions.

Love isn’t only freedom, for the one who loves you may enslave you.

Love isn’t only happiness, for happiness could evaporate by the heat of negligence.

Love isn’t only hope, for broken wings may swirl around you and ascend you to the steep hopelessness, where brooks sing the depression of humanity.

Love isn’t only white, for white wouldn’t look brighter but being and black inseparable.”

I nodded, and walked out of the place, leaving them – and myself – with wonders. Was it true?


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