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The Perfect One

By Suha Abdelqader


I am the perfect one!

You never had to sleep next to my frustrations,

Then wake up to my mood swings

You never worried about providing for me, because a “selected” “occasional” gift went a long way;

And you never had to keep a brave face,

On the contrary, you showed me your weakness willingly


I am the perfect one.

The one who called with no pending to do list

The one who was always dressed up, looking pretty and ready to go

The one who doesn’t complain about the long day in the kitchen but mentions it because of a special treat she made you

The one who doesn’t have to worry about kids needs and bickering


I am the perfect one.

The glorified picture in your mind

Simply because pictures are frozen in time and do not make mistakes.

Their sharp edges are softened by the selective hands of memory

And beautified by the paintbrush of forgetfulness


I -am- the – perfect- one


Are YOU?

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