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The Power of A Woman 

  By Susie Heath


Every journey begins with the first step, and so a new life, a new beginning also has a starting point and a destination. For women here and now, this is to reclaim our birthright as powerful, beautiful, compassionate, wonderful loving beings living on purpose, rather than by default.

Buried deep inside many women lies a restless, unsettled feeling as though we have been snatched away from our true course, a hollow anxiety that we dare not express out loud, an underlying urgency that propels us into fear and stress.

Pulled and swayed by the ebb and flow of the oceans, by the rise of the sap in springtime and by the demands of our fluctuating hormones, we have learned to go out into the world and take a stand, immersed in the busyness of human ‘doing’ rather than human ‘being,’ while hiding, denying, disowning and dishonoring the depths of who we really are in essence.

We continue day in, day out, toiling in the frantic pace of modern life, hoping that things will get better; that if we work hard enough and put enough effort in, then eventually we will be able to rest, to come home to who we really are.

Through the turmoil of the last century, at least in the Western world, women have won the battle of recognition, acceptance and toleration, and been allowed input into politics and the running of society. But what we have failed to recognize is the cost to us as feminine beings. The tide has swept us away into becoming imitation men. For too long we have been hiding who we really are beneath layers of armor of our own making – an armor consisting of us emulating men, dressing like them, using their aggressive language and working their professions to try and prove that we are not only as good as them, but in many cases better.

The problem is as we deprive our man of his male function, he feels less needed and therefore less masculine; as we women assume masculine burdens we take on male characteristics to fit the job. Thus deprived of femininity and gentleness as our new male responsibility adds stress, strain and worry to our lives, our serenity vanishes and eventually our families suffer. Does any of this sound familiar?

And perhaps now is the time to admit it. It is time for us to grow up spiritually. As women we have the power to change the world in ways we have not even thought of yet.

It is time for a re-birthing; it is time for us to re-parent ourselves. It is a time to conceive again, to engender, to connect with the fullness of who we really are, to grow, nourish, give birth to and nurture a new way of being, a new way of womanhood that is dynamic and progressive, taking this beautiful planet and us to where we want to be. Women as the givers of life are the ones to do it. We have to show the way.

We cannot fully express who we are if we are not in balance. When we put ourselves in harmony with the eternal laws of life, we thus put the world back in harmony. And as the creators of life, it is up to us to bring about this growth, knowing that in our wake is a myriad of others who will be influenced by us. And because we are the mothers of men!


About the Author: ©Susie Heath is the Author of “The Essence of Womanhood – re-awakening the authentic feminine,” which helps women to come back to the incredible intuitive self.
The above article is the extract from the book “The Essence of Womanhood – re-awakening the authentic feminine” and is copyrighted by Susie Heath.

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