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The Power of Self Talk

By Coach Yasmine Farouk


When a message, positive or negative, is thought over and over, it forms a groove in the brain. The more often it occurs, the deeper the groove becomes.

As a negative thought becomes replaced with a corrective, positive thought, the groove begins to shrink, and the positive thought creates a new groove.

Therefore if your self esteem is always at risk and some people make you look down at yourself, consider your SELF TALK ..

(1) Make a log of your daily self log such as “I am a careless mom, I can’t focus, I hate this person”

(2) Replace the negative self talk with possible positive affirmations such as “I am capable of becoming the mother I want to be, I’m using the power Allah gave me to focus, I choose to look with mercy towards this person

(3) Place and alarm and reminders in your wallet, on the mirror etc

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