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The Preliminary Assessment of Jeddah Entrepreneurs Competition

The judges met to asses projects that were put forward for the Entrepreneurship contest which will be held in Jeddah on Sunday, 01.17.2016.

The judges consisted of:

Dr. Nabil Altoraifi

Mr. Mohammad Fitaihi

Dr. Nahed Taher

Mr. Bandar Arab

Mr. Mohannad Al Nabulsi

Ms. Maha Fitaihi

Mr. Abdullah Abdul Jawad

Mr. Mohammad Suwaileh

Mr. Ziad Al Basam

In the presence of Ms. Sarah Al Ayed President of the completion, 11 contestants presented their projects before the committee. The points earned by the contestants, in addition to the content of the project depend on the presentation of the project, the market needs, and the uniqueness of the idea. Each contestant has 7 minutes to present their project, followed by questions from the judges.

Contestant’s projects fall under three categories:

Social Entrepreneurship

Production and Manufacturing

Development of Health & Education

Among the projects that were presented yesterday were: useful electronic games that are an alternative for games that contain violence, a project to develop healthy meals for school students, a project for innovation in event management, Huda company for the cleanliness of schools, Fadeela project for women security guards, and Abaqera Al Khaleej  interested in Saudi intellects to serve the community, the project Aidanh to convert fronds palm to coal and avoid environmental pollution,  and Tanweer project that addresses the problem of the weakening of the Arabic language and increasing appreciate for it.

Another assessment will be held to display the remaining projects, and in the final phase the judges will select three projects from all categories the winners will receive sponsorship of 100,000 Riyals for each category, and 25 thousand Riyals for the most unique projects as well.

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