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The Selfish Woman – From His Point of View


GetAttachment By Abdul Latif Hourani


Continuing topic from our June issue discussing the married career woman, in this issue I want to shed light on the single career woman. The woman who gets stuck in her career path sort of speak, falling trap to her ego, destroying her social life, yet earning enough money to be financially independent. So independent that she develops her own comfort zone and shell, which in turn makes it difficult for her to accept a man coming into her life, and trying to share or introduce his input,  fear of changing her norm.

In reality, she doesn’t need that man to come and impose his masculine attitude, and control her life.

But the biological clock is ticking and before she knows it she is turning 35+ her yearning to be a mom has a deadline and that becomes her drive for marriage. Her focus is to find someone to marry even if it means putting an act of love and devotion, although her prey might have genuine feelings towards her. But her goal is becoming a mother, not being in love.

Excuse me if I accuse her of selfishness, as she is on the hunt for a purpose and she gives herself excuses to make it legible, and to hell with the man afterwards, even if divorce arises, child custody is in her favor. She can get her own nanny to help raise the child and regains her so treasured freedom.

But what will become of that poor man who truly loved you? How would he feel knowing he was just a tool? What about the child being raised away from his father? Both father and child are victims, the man lost his family and home and will struggle to love another, and the child will be deprived from his dad’s compassion and guidance.

Utter selfishness from that woman and it doesn’t just fall on those who are in search of marriage to have a child, but also it compiles that woman who marries for money, or to live in a certain country, or in aims of a better life style. That woman believes she has a right to choose her spouse for all of the above reasons to fulfill her dreams, she forgets he too is a person with feelings and needs, he too has dreams and ambitions. And what puzzles me is that so many women see that these actions are acceptable and applaud-able, as for me I see it as cheating and being unfair to the man.





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