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The Unsatisfied Spouse

By Abdul Latif Hourani


This month’s topic I want to shed light on infidelity. Unfortunately there is a noticeable decrease in commitment towards religion, faith and morals. With social media added to the mix it is no surprise in the rise of marital affairs for both husbands and wives.  Sadly yet true many married women seek pleasure outside their wedlock especially if their husbands fail to satisfy them; and vice versa for the men as well.

The influence of the west and its media has generated a contradiction in our minds. We were raised to fear God and avoid sin, emphasizing that sex out of marriage is a BIG NO NO.  But everything from the way we dress to the way we behave and socialize is being challenged by how we were raised.

New generations are being mostly affected, as they are steering towards western culture. We witness this in schools as talk of having boyfriends and girlfriends is becoming somewhat of a norm for some kids in Arab societies. As children become exposed on a daily basis to the internet and TV they become accustomed to such things as having open affection; and physical contact towards the opposite sex, and with peer pressure and curiosity to see for themselves , there is no tell how far they would go.

We are no longer shocked at the many pushed boundaries shown on TV from series to musical video clips that shamelessly portray half naked women dancing around in a provocative and sensual way. Not just our children are being affected but men and women too, many of whom struggle to be satisfied with their spouses and therefore cannot help but compare the unrealistic images on the screens to their partners and end up searching elsewhere for their fulfillment.

In my opinion the deteriorating commitment to our faith and ethics is a key factor in the rising number of infidelity cases, leading many times to divorce and lack of commitment, and instead of working on the marriage to save the family, many couples choose the easy way out and divorce simply because they think the grass is greener on the other side. What they should keep in mind that the other side could be deceiving.

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One comment

  1. Besides morals and ethics, young people are not being guided as to what to expect from a marriage. For some reason, the happy ending is always portrayed as a big fancy wedding. So instead of the couple focusing on the details of their rest of their lives, you find them fretting and scrutinizing the right shade of purple for the cenre piece.
    Another major point leading to failed marriages is the unrealistic expectations of the outcome of this relationship. In rom-coms and movies in general, life is all rosie and daily grind routines which constitute 90% of our real lives are not shown. And that’s just scratching the surface.
    There’s also the consumer mentality that you’ve pointed out, that it is now easier to replace stuff that to try and fix them.
    Thank you Mr. Horani fot bringing this up.

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