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The Wedding or the Groom?


We cannot deny that it is the dream of many young girls to be wed in a fairy tale like wedding with the white dress and the knight in shining armor on a white horse, but the emphasis has become mainly on the wedding night and celebration details not the man himself and one can notice that with the increase of divorce cases, as some girls overlook the kind of man they are marrying. We asked some of the Arab women to give us their feedback, what is more important the wedding or the groom?


Tala Abdullah 29 yrs,

“Initially, and like most girls I dreamt of the white dress and the wedding itself and sad to say not the man there by my side as if he just one other component of the wedding, after my heart aching experience, I tell you it is definitely the groom that counts not the wedding party.”


Nariman Amjad 17 yrs,

“The wedding night is the most important night of a girl’s life, so I believe it is more important than the man, how many times would a girl get married? Why would I get involved with someone who can’t turn my dreams to reality in the first place? For me it is the wedding night that counts.”


Heba Abdullah 34yrs,

“In my opinion both are just as important, it is the fine line of comparing a dream and real life.”


Wesal Mohammad 20 yrs,

“Marriage to me is more important as I can’t stand life with my family, a white dress and a dream come true and a brand new start is my focus.”


Do’a Essa 46 yrs,

“I will be honest and say what I believe, the wedding night is important but one that will not last unlike life after marriage. The man who will be the father of your children and partner in life should be more important, the dress will be forgotten and the flowers will welt but the new life you chose will last your lifetime.”


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