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The White Snow Reveals a Dark Truth – Helping Those Whom Cannot Help Themselves

By Mira Khatib


A shivering child, crying his heart out from the pain of the cold is being portrayed on the TV screen, his helpless mom trying to blanket him with her ice cold body feeling defeated by nature’s brutal force. The broadcaster announces that thousands of children, women, elderly and men in the Levant area are facing one of the harshest winters of all time with little shelter or means to protect them.

I want to tear away my gaze from the flashing screen, close my ears from the sounds of the child cries and his mother’s pleas, I find myself feeling as helpless as that broken woman on TV. I cry.

I look at my daughter tucked safely in her warm bed, having the comfort and leisure of a warm home, warm clothes, not a worry in her young mind from the howling winds and thrashing snow outside.  What if it was my child out in the cold with nothing more than a tent to hold away the snow without even a good coat or socks to help shield her frail body from the cold? Life is cruel, life is unfair.

I want to switch off the TV but I feel it is a heartless act to walk away my conscience so I could feel better, and pretend like this is not my problem. Switching off the TV and returning to the coziness of my blanket is the easy way out, but I feel guilty just at the thought.

It is my problem, it is our problem. We have to work together to make a difference, to help those in need. It is at times like these that people show their true colors and have an opportunity to step up and lend a helping hand. Whether offering shelter, clothes, blankets or even a prayer, we all have to do our share; we have to open our homes, share our food, give and give more.

I plead with all our readers and their families and friends to show compassion, to give, to do even a tiny bit.  Please do not wait or say “alone I cannot make a difference”; collectively we can make a difference.  Let us show our humanity.  May God’s mercy be with all those helpless and needy souls.



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