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Things We Take For Granted

By Khaled Kamal


I was taking my fifth flight of the week and feeling really exhausted and frankly exasperated with my job; why do I need to travel this much every single week; is it really worth it?  All the negative thoughts flashed before my eyes and I spiraled into all the whys and don’ts and shouldn’t.  Away from the family; missing out on important events; flaky social life; passport queues; odd meals, difficult clients; as if my  negative subconscious took  over and I was about to call it a quits and hand in my resignation when I get back from what my subconscious was telling should be my last business trip!

But in a split second both my heart and mind were jolted with a thousand volts.  As if I suddenly have woken up.  I started to count my blessings. Instead of all this negativity, I started to thank God for all that I have.

I guess it took a very small boy around five years old to wake me up and make me remember all the good things in life.  All the things that I have.  The things I do not pay attention to and I take for granted.   In a second I started to remember the good things in life; how my seven year old is healthy, happy and eagerly awaits my return every single time I fly.  The big hug that I get from her every single time.  I remembered my two elderly who are both university students in Canada and doing really well on their own. They are maturing and on their way to building their future.  My loving wife who not only understands why I travel this much and she too puts up with us being apart, yet very loving, appreciative and supportive.   Positivity took over my subconscious and I remembered the great success I have in my career.  The big beautiful house, the private pool; the fancy car and above all good friends.

Not to be sucked back in to negative thinking,  I also remembered the atrocities in Iraq and Syria, remembered the difficult lives under occupation for Palestinians, famine in Mali; disasters in Nepal! Yet how blessed I and all my loved ones for having good health; good shelter and good food on our table. I guess remembering all the good in our lives is what really matters.  Keeping upbeat should always outweigh negativity.

I end; so what is it that this 5 year old boy did that in a second changed me? Nothing really, it was the great difficulty he had in talking; as he had a very severe case of stutter; a single word that took him what seemed like eternity to come out.  In my heart I truly prayed hard that he grows out of his stutter and I remembered all the good things in my life that I take for granted.


Photo credit: Zadi Diaz / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


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  1. This article is a great reminder not to take things for granted.
    We take things for granted when we let ourselves live a rushed life.
    The question is always: Is it really worth it? Why the rush? What is the return? When we slow down and do not waste time fulfilling other people’s expectations, we start to see clearly what of the things we do is really worth our effort.

  2. we continuously need to be reminded of the good things we have and we take for granted.

  3. Great and made me rethink too Khaled!

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