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Think of ‘Twitter’

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad


Do you feel the need for online social networking and microblogging?

Think of ‘Twitter’—the SMS of the Internet. Like the chirping of a bird, when you keep tweeting, you build a ligament of social networking spirit. You make your voice publicized, you become known, you are aware of others’, and you read others’ notions and ideas…

O yes, Twitter must be carrying twin benefits—for personal and business use. Though you must have hardly seen in person your near and dear ones, but it does keep you in touch with them online through tweets. What a world of vicinity! What a world of tweets and followers!

Technology’s frank facet is that it has made every user addicted to the many uses of technology. With it, you are part of the world, you are counted among literates; without it, you are layman, you are nowhere—just an isolated soul!

Uses are many, benefits are talked about; and then, what about the negative effects of social networking sites on your life? Its fact: if you are a Facebook or Twitter addict, beware—you may face identity crisis or short attention span!

According to Baroness Greenfield, Professor of Pharmacology at Oxford University, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have created a generation obsessed with themselves, having short attention spans and a child-like desire for constant feedback on their lives.

Obsessed with continuous tweets hampers your verbal skills; it seems funny: you tweet what you ate, where you went, how you do that or this. With tweeting, you feel the need to become a ‘mini celebrity’; you feel that others are watching you and you are admired by others.

Damn it! You live in a virtual world—that alters your hue with your tweets and what people think of you.

Nations have become digital markets; its citizens more like active users. Leave the statistics aside—which nation has a higher rate of Twitter use or what percent of users are actively engrossed in it. There’s much harm already done, with exceeding usage of such online social networking and microblogging sites.

You talk about Twitter’s benefits, but what becomes of you when you become an avid user, a perfect addict, with it you feel your brimming intellectuality, and without it you sense a missing element in your social life.

Sometimes, we are distant apart in a family; you tweet to make a virtual contact.

Probably, a day will come, when wives, being in the same rooms, will tweet their hubbies ‘a good night’.
No giggles…it’s an online world!


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