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This Family

By Eric

I used to fear coming home, I did not want to see you, I have missed you though, I have thought of you a lot, we used to be so close, do you remember? what about mom? I talk to her, yeah at least once a week, almost every day, I don’t know whenever I get the chance, has she seen any of us? she is coming down.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, it is very comfy now, it is, it looks smaller, it is smaller, I do not remember this painting, it is new, a lot of stuff in here is new, she probably could not deal with the memories, I totally understand her, I don’t, I do not remember, I don’t know what you mean either way, I don’t understand how you can say things like that, some of us don’t remember what it is that we are supposed to be forgetting, you don’t deserve to know, stop, stop, mom is going to hear you, where is she? she is coming, she is a little tired, she is getting ready, I hope.

You seem very interested in talking about her, you are as nice as always, I know why half of you are here, I have spoken to you and I still don’t know, well, not all of our lives revolve around some of you, why is it? Where is mom? I think that it is inevitable, don’t you think? yes, I’m afraid you can’t be close to all of your siblings, doesn’t mean we have to fight, you call this a fight? I’ve fought most of you and this is a joke, I came because mom told me to come, she did not say anything about you, same here, she is trying to find the right shoes, you know about her poor eyesight.

I did not know that, neither did I, the world has gone crazy because why would someone know something other doesn’t? mom is old and she is tired you cannot blame her, I don’t blame her, no, I will never blame her, it comes down to the fact that all of us, you can’t expect her to remember who she talked to about what, that is not the reason I’m afraid, she expects us to tell each other things, she is afraid, she can’t force people to get along, it is because of our family, so? we are a family whether you like it or not? That is what she likes to say no which is fine because of her old age but I don’t know why you say that, because we are, because we must, living under the same house does not make us family, shut up already, dear, not this again, please, she hasn’t even come down, why don’t you say what is on your mind? That way we can start being a family, I dream of that day, I dream of never having to come here to all of you, interesting, I wish I was as selfish as you, Mom! Am I glad I came home to hear all of this, I would go if I had the chance, I just have no respect for any of you, you are the same people I used to know when we were younger, I love you but I liked you much better back then, people change, families change too, I see that, here she comes, let’s all shut up and pretend, smile, smile and don’t let her see any of you crying again.
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