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Till when is this injustice to Fathers?

abdul latifBy Abdul Latif Al Hourani

I’ve been thinking about writing on this subject for some time now, because of its utmost importance, especially following the way things have developed and reached a critical stage that can no longer be tolerated, it became very necessary, to demand immediate change to what is going on now a days.

I will begin by talking about women’s rights, and I’m not attacking or opposing or disagreeing with institutions or people that support women and demand for their rights that they have been deprived from. On the contrary, I am one of those who wish that every human being, whether man or woman get their rights, especially if its justifiable, and was robbed from them due to traditions or actions or unfair legislation, or any other reasons.

But what is happening now surpasses the level of rights, and there has become a violation on the role of genders in life, additionally having very unequivocal understandings to some concepts, roles, powers and entitlements made it necessary to clarify this to people, this drove me to demand  immediate change by local officials, legislators and not just adopt blindly certain laws and regulations that have been applied in other countries … It is essential to be selective rather than imitating what may or may not commensurate with our country’s conditions, and communities living needs as is our reality always mimicking without differentiating if such practices are appropriate for us (whether ideas or movies or practices or even laws). We must choose wisely what is suitable and beneficial for us and not just copy them in everything.

For instance in other countries fathers are celebrated on Father’s Day just like mothers are on Mother’s Day, in recognition of the dad’s important role in the family. This is a practical and simple example on application to the principle of equality between men and women, so why do not we apply it here as well!

Unfortunately in our part of the world women have overtook men (not in all areas), but in a lot of things and were given more than what is rightful and just under the name of fighting for women’s rights, and the saying “it’s a man’s world” came into play and became so popular  in an attempt to promote and shed light on women and blur the role of a man, his rights and his importance, and seize his powers and authority, whether at home or outside.

Some may wonder what prompted me to say so; below you will find my answer:

I’m a believer that women have capabilities that match or could exceed in many ways men’s capabilities, to the extent that I believe the phrase “the weaker sex” referred at times to women is a common mistake, on the contrary, women have proven their ability to keep up with men in nearly all areas, even as country leaders. It is important here to differentiate  between the physical abilities and intellectual capacity. However, women have participated in armies and learned the art of fighting, participated in bodybuilding championships, drove trucks and planes even military ones and competed with men in everything and proved that they are worthy opponents especially intellectually, and this is great… and this proves that the demand for women’s equality if it is not existent  is a right that should be applied in everything, not just to be applied to certain things and ignored in others because they are not for their benefit … for only here she becomes the vulnerable poor helpless woman!

To be continued…


إلى متى ظلم الآباء ؟


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