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Timing is Everything

By Abdul Latif Hourani


Timing is something many people cannot understand; selecting the right time and the right way to discuss, request, or break news is essentially important. A husband shouldn’t go to his wife when she is dead exhausted in the evening, running behind the kids and dealing with many household requirements and chores and demand a heavy meal or an unreasonable request or break shocking news to her.

The same goes to women; when you see your husband is tired and annoyed from work or is in a bad mood from one of the kids behavior don’t start talking about shopping or about what his sister said or did. Such actions are counterproductive and will get you nowhere; in fact it can add salt to injury and make matters worse for your partner and yourself.

You should be more understanding and aware of your spouse’s moods and needs and show that you respect when one is in need of space, peace, or even a lending hand. Deal with your partner the way you would like to be treated yourself, it always goes both ways. And if there is an urgent issue that needs to be dealt with, then you should either wait for the right moment and place to discuss it or find a suitable courteous way to express your concern; by being genuine and compassionate, not just by barking orders or throwing away remarks without comprehending the implications on your spouse or the outcome.

Be selective, and chose the suitable time, place and manner for everything always.

Photo credit: Vincent_AF / Foter / CC BY-SA

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