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To answer the question … Who are YOU?

By Sarah Al Ayed

define-yourself-2 quote-Arab Woman PlatformI was once asked to define myself … its not an easy task the simplest answer is I am ME Sarah Al Ayed; but what makes up all of me besides DNA, bones, organs and so forth?

So it came to me the self and spirit without those I’d be just a body an empty cavity.  At that time I realized I’m a by product of a conservative upbringing within a liberal educational system.

While I have acceptance and tolerance of many instances; I don’t allow them to define my principles nor do I partake within them.

While I don’t judge and my response many times falls under to each his own; within my deeply ingrained is a firm and resolute belief that is bordered more alongside the lines of conservatism that liberality.

I have been called a prude many a times not because of actions or image but because respect of the individual and the self is more important that confirming to a certain dress code or sense of style.

We live within an intricate web of instances, beliefs and principles that requires a balanced approach … but then what defines what’s moderation?


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