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To my mom on her birthday

By Cassidy Rich


Dear Mom,

1. I love the way you act crazy and silly.

2. I love it when we eat chocolate together and discuss the hard things in life.

3. I love the way you pour your heart out for the ones you love.

4. I love it when you stay up late when I am having an emotional breakdown and comfort me.

5. I love the way you care so much about each one of your kids and always take time for us.

6. I love it when you help me think through tough decisions in order to make the right choice.

7. I love the way you are totally honest with me even though I don’t like it at the time.

8. I love it when you just sit down and talk with me and want to hear my heart.

9. I love the way you live out a healthy lifestyle not only for your wellbeing, but also as an example to your kids.

10. I love it when you share your wealth of wisdom with others, helping them make good decisions.

11. I love the way you encourage me when I am afraid.

12. I love it when you know exactly what I am thinking without me saying anything – true mom skills!

13. I love the way you demonstrate the meaning of hard work by staying determined and finishing what you start.

14. I love it when you give me life tips that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.

15. I love the way you love me. You have shown me what true love looks like when it is lived out.

Cassidy Rich & her mom

You never give up, always persevere, and never fail to show how you positively impact the people that come into your life. Mom, you are loved, cherished, and appreciated far more than you will ever know. Being a mom is one of the toughest and most exhaustive jobs on earth, but is probably the most rewarding. Just as a gardener prunes plants so that the good fruit can grow, you have helped shape and mold me into who I am today. I love, love, love you Mom. Happiest of birthdays to you!


From the author: “I am currently a senior at Grand Canyon University, double majoring in History and Communications and graduating in December 2016. I love writing and putting my thoughts on paper, so I am hoping that when I graduate I can work for a company or organization in a position that requires a significant amount of writing.”  
Photo credit of Cassidy & her mom: Rose Silva


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