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To My Teen Daughter

By  Abeer F Almarzouki, MD, PhD


Your mummy knows that the world around you is crowded with so many confusing and crazy messages that come from everywhere: in school, on the Internet, from friends and your own relatives. Some of these messages may not make sense to you, some may make you uncomfortable in your own skin, and some are even dangerous or extreme (although they may look awesome and cool).

When I was your age, the messages around me (and girls my age) were concise, clear, and from trustworthy people around us. Those messages were focused on me as an individual and were filled with support, encouragement and a strong belief in who I was as a person. It didn’t matter how I looked, how much cool stuff I had or whether or not I was popular.

There is indeed a lot going on around you nowadays, and you face a lot of pressure about how you should look, whom you should attract and what your goals should be.

I see you struggling to find your own identity even as you long to fit in. The force of trying to belong is so pressure-filled that it makes you feel inadequate if you don’t follow the ‘trends’.

I am proud of you as you’re trying to make your own way, and I admire your courage as you face the overwhelming pressure to fit in. I can see your independence shining through as you try to find a balanced and self-driven path–a path that is unique for you and fits only you.

Always remember that you are lovely as you are, you are precious as you are, and you don’t need to be part of a group or have anyone else validate you. You don’t need to take selfies every five minutes to be liked, and you don’t need to travel the world to be adventurous or cool.

While on your path, you will make mistakes, you may lose friends, you will fall sometimes, and other times you will feel lonely or as though you’re not understood. However, none of that matters because you are digging for the treasure that is your own happiness, and that is worth every single shot. So you go for it, girl!

And remember,

Always remember,

Mummy is there for you.


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