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To The Moon and Further Above

By Rasha Khatib

Painfully tonight I realized

The stars were getting out of sight

The moon wept behind those angry clouds

Whispering to me about the vicious crimes

Doing so but willingly acting blind

Trying to shelter themselves from us

Infestation no doubt hasn’t been denied

Complete vestige under their feet

And sad souvenirs of their light

As if they lit the paths for us

To massacre comfortably through the nights

Horrifying images lingered for a while

Sinking afterwards deeply in my mind

Turning into teardrops, searching for my eyes

Wiping them away, I stared at the grey sky

Zephyr was walking all over my skin

I saw a fading reflection for a glimpse

A picture of a beautiful life on earth

Much long ago, it was once upon a time.


Photo credit: snailreins / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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