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Today I died

By Mira Khatib


My best friend called me in the middle of the night only to say “today I died”. I thought I am hallucinating or dreaming but she repeated the exact same three words “today I died”. I was shocked, stunned and speechless. I didn’t know what to think or what to say. I didn’t know if she was pranking me or she just went crazy. I paused hoping she will say something that will make a bit of sense! Then she once more said; “today I died”!

I asked my friend where she was at, and told her I am on my way to see her. I jumped out of bed; got dressed and drove so fast that I was at her place in a blink. When she opened the door she looked fine to me. She looked healthy and composed. I asked, what were you saying? She reiterated the same three words and continued that her heart stopped and life stood still for a few minutes. I asked her to explain further; she mentioned that she choked on food; could not breathe and was knocked out for a few minutes. She said she saw her life flashing before her eyes and that she saw all her loved ones that died before. Then she went on saying that miraculously she woke up with a revelation as if she was reborn.

I asked her if she now wants to do or change something in her life? she replied plenty. She went on talking about living the remaining days or years doing what really matters. She said she regretted not spending more time with her loved ones, she was sorry for being selfish and shortsighted and that she should have done more for the community. She laughed and said I died with money in my bank account that could have gone to waste. She said that I am worth what I spend in my life and not what I leave behind. She was sad that she did not enjoy the little things in life and always postponed the things that really matter to a later date not realizing that this date may never arrive? She talked about different priorities and about different aspirations. For a moment I truly believed I do not know who this person I am talking to is! My best friend seemed like a new person with a new mission in life.

After I was comforted that my friend is fine, I told her I will see her again next morning. On my way home I couldn’t help but think about the things I would like to do before I die? It made me realize that I too will have different outlooks and different priorities.

So if we all ask the question; what will I do if I know that I will die next day or next week or next month? We will all get our priorities right and we will all focus on on what really matters.

Isn’t it time to start enjoying the life we live?

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