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Tooth care warning as Muslims prepare to fast for Ramadan

Courtesy of The Private Clinic Medical & Aesthetic Centre


Tooth care warning from one of the region’s most experienced aesthetic dentists as Muslims prepare to fast for Ramadan

As the Holy Month of Ramadan draws near, observant Muslims are being offered some words of advice on oral hygiene from one of the region’s most experienced dentists.

Dr Ansam Refaat, who has more than 20 years of combined clinical experience in private practices in both Egypt and KSA, warns that Ramadan is often a time when people neglect their oral care and can suffer bad breath and even tooth disease.

“Due to fasting in the day during Ramadan, some people may forget to brush their teeth or use floss over the average 24 hours,” said Dr Ansam. “I recommend brushing and flossing thoroughly before sleeping at night and also brushing after the pre-dawn meal (sahur). This means that you are still brushing twice a day and that is sufficient for oral disease prevention.”

Dr Ansam explained that during fasting the mouth becomes dry and this naturally results in malodour (bad breath) and so poor oral hygiene care after sunset will make things even worse.

“Drinking plenty of water and eating fruits during the night or at sahur can help to keep the body hydrated and healthy,” added Dr Ansam. “It is also worth regularly examining the whole mouth for any dental or oral manifestations such as infection or discharge.”

She advised patients to consult a qualified dental practitioner if they have any real concerns about their oral health during the Holy Month.



Dr Ansam earned her DDS from Alexandria University in Egypt and now works exclusively for Dubai’s The Private Clinic. As well as her vast experience in dental and oral health, she is a specialist in cosmetic dentistry. Before joining The Private Clinic Dr Ansam had her own practice in KSA for 14 years. She was also awarded a special bronze medal for her dental services during a four year stint in Niamey-Niger.

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