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Top 5 Exercises for Women 


A lean, sculpted and well-toned body is every woman’s dream and if you want that sizzling hot bod, you better be bothered about it! We asked leading fitness expert, Charlotte Stebbing (Regional Fitness Manager, for Fitness First Middle East, Abu Dhabi) to pick her most effective and brilliant basics exercises for guaranteed results. And trust us; they look pretty darn exciting! To give your fitness a boost, take look and ready, set, go!


Targets hips, butt, back and legs.

Works more than one major muscle group, boosting metabolism.

Helps overall strength and functional to everyday life.

How to… Deadlift

Hold dumbbells in front of hips at arm’s length.

Bend at hips and knees to lower weight to floor.

Keep posture and torso tall.

When standing squeeze glutes and thrust hips forward.

Women simply love it because, deadlifts build endurance along with burning fat and are known to lessen some of the negative effects that come along with bad posture and high heels. And no, deadlifts do not make women bulky!

Kettlebell Swings 

Tightens deep abdominal muscles.

Combines strength with Cardio Exercise – great for fat loss.

Defines back and shoulder muscles.

How to… KB Swing

Stand over KB with feet hip width apart, chest up & shoulders back & down.

Move hips down & back. Grip KB with palms facing you and thumbs loosely wrapped around KB.

Drive hips up and forward, stand tall, keep arms straight with KB.

Squeeze Glutes, retract shoulder blades, engage core & tall spine.


A common fitness goal for women is losing body fat and inches around the waist, thighs and arms. Kettlebell training offers you just that as it has the ability to burn fat when coupled with high-intensity workouts.


Builds strength, definition & shape for legs & butt.

Helps good posture, balance and a strong core.

Encourages flexibility & mobility in the body.

How to … Squats

Dumbbells in front to activate core.

Bend knees & sit back into heels to activate glutes.

Squeeze glutes at the top.

Ladies are going gaga over this workout to get their heart rate up and burn some calories. Why? Because it needs no equipment, enhances overall fitness, sustains flexibility and balance and gives you quick results.


Great for a firm & shapely butt!

Creates mind-muscle connection, activating glutes, pelvic floor muscles.

Builds core stabilization which prevents lower back pain (common in women).

How to… Bridge

Lay on the back, feet on the floor with knees bent.  

Finger tips touching heels & heels pushing into the ground.

Contract the abs & push lower back into the floor.

Exhale and lift hips off of the floor (avoid arching the back).


Women are mastering the bridge for a strong, flexible and injury-proof back whilst giving the whole body an incredible stretch! Trainers and Yoga teachers are loving it and so will you!


Builds solid core strength by working inner abdominal muscles.

Helps pull in the stomach to have the flat look.

Encourages balance and posture in the body.

How to…Plank

Lay face down on the floor, place elbows directly under shoulders.

Push up onto knees or toes.

Brace the abs & pull belly button to spine.

squeeze the butt and thighs.

Hold 30 – 60 seconds

Flexibility is a key benefit of doing planks regularly, for this form of exercise expands and stretches all your posterior muscle groups – shoulders, shoulder blades, and collarbone – while also stretching your hamstrings, arches of your feet, and toes. Most importantly they invite just 5-10 minutes of your daily routine to keep you fit, strong and healthy!

Fitness goals for women vary from aesthetic to athletic and it is important to understand that women may face a few challenges when it comes to fitness. That simply means that you need to train smart. So, charge ahead with these 5 simple but key workouts to gain more energy and get toned.

Believe in yourself as Charlotte suggests it is not just a work out plan but a lifestyle change!




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