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Top Tips On Teaching Your Child To Read

By Samantha Knowles

Teaching your children to read is tough! It is not something that can be done in a weekend, or even in a matter of weeks. It takes time and patience, and a little bit of skill. Learning to read however is extremely important to your little one’s development. It not only teaches them a love of books, but it helps them notice and understand the world around them in a new way. Below are some great tips towards helping your child with this very important life skill. Begin with a few, or complete them all and you and your child will be on your way towards a wonderful love of books! As you read below however remember the most important thing of all- have fun!

1. Read to your child.

2. Play rhyming games.

3. Sing the alphabet song with them.

4. Label things with their names from an early age.

5. Go to the library even when they are at that loud voice only stage.

6. Have non fiction books as well as fiction available.

7. Tell stories.

8. Have books all over your house.

9. Teach the letter sounds by emphasizing the sounds in words they hear often from a young age.

10. Provide fun and interesting books for them to read.

11. Get a magazine subscription and read it together.

12. Make play dough letters.

13. Play the alphabet game on road trips.

14. Read the mail together.

15. Make a reading nook.

16. Clap out syllables.

17. Make letter crafts.

18. Make reading play time.

19. Notice letters in the environment.

20. Learn about how books work and other concepts of print.

21. Let them choose their own books at the library or bookstore.

22. Leave them notes in their lunchboxes.

23. Play with foam letters in the bath. Use bath toys to make up and tell stories.

24. Make your own books.

25. Play eye spy with letters and letter sounds. ” I spy something that starts with the letter B. Buh buh book!”

26. Give your children books as gifts.

27. Make up silly songs together.

28. Ask them to read the pictures to you before they can read the words.

29. Play library.

30. Read the book then see the movie for a family treat.

31. Play with word families.

32. Read books with no words and share storytelling duties.

33. Let them see you reading for fun.

34. Read nursery rhymes.

35. Explore and trace tactile letters.

36. Play listening games.

37. Retell and have your children retell stories after reading them.

38. Ask your child questions about elements of the story as you read with them. This works on comprehension.

39. Read books at lunchtime.

40. Take books with you when you travel.

41. Build with letter blocks or make your own.

42. Do word searches.

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