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Tough times pass; tough people prevail

In my opinion no other part of the world experience more challenges and tougher times than the Middle East! Yet my father has always taught me that tough times will eventually pass and tough people will always prevail.

No matter how small or large the challenge, the obstacle, the problem, the situation is; it will certainly end, and what really matters is how we deal with difficulties and how we learn from them and move on.

Being a pessimist serves no good. Being negative can only mean a problem to you and those around you. Lose the negative attitude and your days will certainly be brighter and you will be happier. It is that simple. You are in control, you make the decision.

Certainly, many Arabs in general and Arab women in particular can no longer find reasons to be happy and enjoy themselves, and go through life living a day at a time expecting nothing good. I am not painting a gloomy picture, but it seems that many of the women I talk to have no reason to celebrate or enjoy the simple things in life. When this happens, mothers will have direct negative impact on their children and this in turn affects children’s outlook towards life and the way they act in different situations creating a vicious cycle.

If we believe that tough times will certainly end, and if we have a positive outlook on life and  learn from the bad and good situations, we will enjoy the precious life we are blessed with and we will enjoy the little and big things alike.

So stay positive.

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