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The Trending Selfie and Women


A new trend has spread like wild fire the need to document every moment using pictures. This trend has evolved more recently with the ongoing app updates and new programs on social media platforms that took this fad to another level of exaggeration. Women today take photos on anything their eyes fall upon, and of course as we know there is no smoke without fire and for every phenomenon there is underlying reasons, so what is the reason behind this new craze?

In our series of “weekly poll” that was initiated recently through Arab Woman Platform social networks our second poll question was put forward,

In your opinion why do you think many women resort to documenting their daily events on social media?

  • Having too much free time
  • Imitating others
  • Love of appearances and bragging
  • I see this as ordinary

From a scientific point of view; a study conducted by the American Psychiatric Association that this trend is widely spread among  younger generations indicating the incidence of mental disorder, the study diagnosed one selfie fanatic via Facebook whom lost control over himself for his desire to portray his pictures around the clock on social networks, he was diagnosed with a kind of pathological narcissism.

Another British study that was conducted on 200 men and women between the ages of age (18) to (30) years on the study of the relationship of capturing images and how it reflected their self-worth, it revealed that those who took pictures once or twice a week and shared it on social media said they feel very low degrees of self-esteem.

Another study expressed that those documenting their moments by capturing selfies  could fall under narcissism, which pushes the person’s ego and arrogance; because this often leads the person to focus on himself and appearance forgetting achievements that can be attained or other ways that can occupy time in a meaningful and productive way.

But in my opinion the main reason behind such a phenomenon is the ample free time among women in the Arab world, using this trend in a negative way, or at least not a productive way to fill free time.

And this void is due to lack of awareness of their full capabilities and potential. If women were to set specific goals for their lives and work hard to achieve even a small portion of them then they won’t feel the need to turn to such trends that are not fulfilling.

I raised a question to a number of women from different age groups: “What hobbies do you enjoy?” The shocking answer was: “I do not know!” There are a lot of women in our world that do not realize the importance of knowing their strengths or hobbies or latent capabilities that can distinguish them from others and broaden their horizons and make them successful if they became positively proactive and self-develop.

Before concluding; I would like to advice Arab women that there is much in this life that deserves attention and fill leisure time with. In every country there are cultural evenings in diverse arts and literature events, competent in multiple areas, associations, and training programs and courses that are not limitless, and much more, but all you need is to identify your goals, and steer your life according to what you want, and move towards development and achievement.

selfie poll results-Arab Woman PlatformPolls Results

  • Having too much free time                         27%
  • Imitating others                                            13%
  • Love of appearances and bragging            33%
  • I see this as ordinary                                    27%


Names of research source:

Science Links Selfies to Narcissism, Addiction & Low Self Esteem

Are Selfies Making Kids Vapid, Narcissistic and Lazy


Weekly Poll researched by Eshraq AlRawqi
Translation: Mira Khatib

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حُمى توثيق اللحظات المتفشية بين النساء!



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  1. One year ago I started writing an article about the selfi and naracism related.I stopped the article because there was a review from an Arab author talking about selfi and narciss therefore I disregard and stopped the article.
    Frankly selfie s is becoming very irritating and over done with much of show off. Not only this : photos and images are spread in different social media sites for the same person. All this s showing how much people love and admire themselves. Pictures is something private it is all about and only for myself and for family members. It s dear and special. Especially when it is about food photographing images of a table with tempting food and the cooker is taking selfi while food is clear in the background. As my children say I quote them here “enough capturing photos of food, plates barbecue let us mercy poor people that cannot afford to buy that” End OF QUOTE!
    Rouquia ALAMI
    Free lance journalist

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