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Uncelebrated Gift

By Af’eda Ibrahim


It was, according to the habit, that I got out of the house in a rush. The time left can hardly make me arrive on time even if I demanded a taxi. And as there was no taxi available, I took the minibus as the possible and remaining chance to get to the office even if late. I sat behind the driver’s seat and began to calm down my thoughts and let myself be slipped through contemplating the running scenes and streets we left behind.

“Get in, you meaningless,” said a figure dressed-in-black gown to a puny little girl while pushing her to the door of the mini-bus. This discontented woman seemed so harsh in nature that it was not almost possible to show any compassion or worry towards that poor girl. Despite the merciless tone and the frown expression could strongly suggest that she could by no means be her mother, an unmistakably savage manner violated the previous assumption to assure the disappointing fact that she was her actual mother.

The girl looked fragile and weak, even unable to discern what was going with her! She vomited and her face was white pale when the apparent rural woman angrily gave her a slap, letting the curse she felt from within to be poured upon this helpless creature that was endowed unwillingly!

The sudden horrible silence of the moment further revealed what was terribly haunted within the woman’s soul. It was never said or even murmured aloud or silently, it was something that could be emerged from the agony side of her spirit.

The air, with its transparent ability, has been colored with this terrifying feelings mingled with hatred. However, it struggled with these devilish emotions to get it distracted and to demolish them so as to alleviate the tortured body and soul of the poor little girl.

The shuttered ideas have stumbled upon my mind uncovering another layer of awareness clearing any vagueness. “If only you were a boy!” the mother desperately murmured which left me in a complete moment of anxiety and causes the state of alienation to aggravate, throwing my soul away rather ashamed and naked! I became lost in unfathomable era-like thoughts until the dark figure shouted at the driver to stop her by one of the narrow streets we have come across. She, then, grabbed that helpless creature and I opened the door feeling awkward as something is being kidnapped before us without being able to suspend this act!  The little girl has, as being seized strongly, sent me a terrifying look as the only witness she may share her horror with. She has been drawn out of the minibus and has been pushed to the unknown, allowing an uninvited question to float upon my disturbed head: why this little thing was even granted to an unwelcome world

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