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Until the Last Teardrop Falls – What Do Those Tears Mean?



Tear drops, fear drops, despair drops, desperate drops… plop, plop,plop; all those emotions that finally surface and signal that a cleansing from way down deep is emerging. Deep in the heart is where these kinds of tears begin, filled with all the emotions that propelled them to finally spill forth. Could it be a good thing has happened when they finally refuse to be crushed back to where the pain began?

Tears spill forth when we are finally able, maybe not ready, but able, to release the pain that has been forced to retreat until we can look at it and try to understand what happened. The dam is opened for tears when our subconscious becomes aware that finally, it is safe. The place where they hide is well protected by the guardians of our stability; waiting for a safe time to emerge. It is a good thing, this system that protects our emotions, and then like a schoolmaster with a new lesson, parades the pain out to examine and learn from.

Every drop is crystal clear, luminescent with the deep emotions that have bound them to us. Each is special in their own way, every one worth millions to us as we finally are ready to let go of the pain. And so they fall, plop, plop, plop. Tears are the natural healing balm being applied by a Creator who is always there until the last teardrop falls, even in life itself.

Maybe that’s why we can’t cry when we wish we could and can’t stop when we believe we should. Wait for them. Something bigger than us is controlling the dam, some part of us that does not listen or respond to our commands, but rather rises to a higher level and finds the time that is right. Even if you believe it is the worst possible time, let them fall freely. The timing was carefully chosen, just like the rise and fall of the tide. Letting go is essential to healing and finally moving on… when you truly are ready.

What do they mean, these uncontrolled tears that fall across our face leaving us feeling weak and vulnerable? They mean you are finally strong enough to move forward and begin again; they herald a healing from within. They send a signal from deep inside the heart that says “I am strong enough to look at this and to put it away now; now we can go on.” It is good.

When tears fall randomly and forcefully, feel the energy that is propelled with them. It is healing and loving, benevolent beyond belief… and will be with you until the last teardrop falls; promise.


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