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Visible Learning pioneer John Hattie showcases real success stories to help teachers “Know Thy Impact”


Teachers are tired of being measured, accounted, and told what is wrong with them. As says John Hattie, “in nearly every school, success is around us; if only we had the courage to reliably identify and esteem it.”

In their new book Visible Learning into Action, John Hattie, Deb Masters and Kate Birch take the next step in the evolving Visible Learning story. It translates one of the biggest and most critically acclaimed education research projects ever undertaken into case studies of actual success stories, implementing John Hattie’s ideas in the classrooms of schools all around the world.

The major message is that there is no one way, there is no script, there is no workbook – instead there is a way of thinking with a framework to guide that thinking. It involves asking what it means by the phrase “Know Thy Impact”

The evidenced case studies presented in this book describe the Visible Learning journeys of fifteen schools from Australia, USA, Hong Kong, UK, Sweden, New Zealand and Norway and are representative of the Visible Learning international community of schools in their quest to ensure all of their students exceed their potential for academic success. Each school’s story will inform and inspire, bringing to life the discussions, actions and reflections from leaders, teachers, students and families.

Charles Branciforte, Principal of Keilor Views Primary School, Melbourne, Australia: “Recently at the Visible Learning Conference, Professor John Hattie stood up in his opening address and said, “I’m looking at you all and thinking ‘What if I got this wrong?’” I feel the same way when educators ask to visit and I always end up in the same place – that Keilor Views is a living, breathing example that he didn’t.”

Visible Learning into Action is aimed at any student, teacher or parent requiring an up-to-date commentary on how research into human learning processes can inform our teaching and what goes on in our schools.


authorsABOUT THE AUTHORS: John Hattie is Professor and Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and Deputy Director of the Science of Learning Research Centre. His co-author, Deb Masters, is a principal consultant at Cognition Education and the Global Director of Visible Learningplus. Kate Birch is an education consultant in the Visible Learningplus team at Cognition Education.

Since 1991, John Hattie has written and co-edited seven books that include Visible Learning, Visible Learning for Teachers, Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn, International Guide to Student Achievement, Intelligence and Intelligence Testing, and Self-Concept. This new book showcases 15 case studies from schools around the world that have applied the Visible Learning concept.


Visible Learning into Action: International Case Studies of Impact ,By John Hattie, Deb Masters, and Kate Birch , published by Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group) *View inside Visible Learning into Action

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