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Weekend Dad

By Khaled H.

Once again it is Sunday morning and I find myself in the plane on my way to work. Dubai is just a weekend place for me as I spend the whole working week travelling the GCC. I am far from being alone as I see the same faces on the trip departing Dubai and many of the same faces as I return on Thursday evening. While I am very successful in my career, I am not as a husband and as a father.

The dilemma that many face by doing this weekly business travel weighs heavily on the social setting one should enjoy. I bring in the dough, and lot of it, but I miss many of the precious moments in the life of my family. Yes I am what you call a part time father and a part time husband, but a full time career person.

While many articles were written about the downside of not being around the family, to which I largely tend to agree with, yet I see things differently. I am providing my family with the opportunities they deserve. Great education, great life style and hopefully a better future. I also believe that the weekend days I spend with my family are jam-packed with quality time. For how long will this continue? I don’t know but as long as the situation continues I will try to make the most out of it.

Finally, if my wife or my daughters are asked if they prefer to see me with them 7 days/week, the answer will be absolutely. So till the time comes where I can enjoy career success and be next to my family longer, I remain a weekend husband and a weekend dad.


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One comment

  1. Oh what a beatiful peice 🙂

    Our problem in life is we always look at the glass half empty and we forget the part that’s half full! For every situation there Is a bright side, you being away from ur family makes ur love stronger and makes the moments you spend with them more valuable and memorable. This might not be the case for a husband that’s by his wife’s side day in day out.
    I truly belive that missing something only makes you cherish and love it more., whatever it may be.

    Well done


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