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What do women want?

By Khaled H.


I received a comedy clip video from a friend about what women expect a man to be. The clip was hilarious with all sorts of twists and paradoxical word combinations explaining what behaviors, characters, and manners they expect from the ideal man.  The comedian concluded that with all the contradicting attitudes a man should possess to please women, man needs to be “a gay, football coach”!!

Frankly, I believe women are on a mission to keep men confused and guessing in their aspiration to surpass us men.  They are purposely doing this to take away the reign from men.  At this time and age, they are the leading scientists, renowned writers, greater business entrepreneurs, level headed politicians and the more balanced of the human species.  Women are strongly outperforming men in all facets of life and still they are striving for more. Women have planned this for hundreds and thousands of years and we men have fell in their trap and now are lagging behind.

Let me explain; while women want to be pampered, they are independent; while they are career oriented, they are great mothers, wives, daughters and sisters; when they ask a man for something, they are forgiving if a man makes a mistake; women are better listeners better doers and more caring.

Don’t get me wrong; women have developed faster than men and have bigger aspirations and hopes while we men for the most part remained in our caves and focused on what’s for dinner tonight or how to beat rather than collaborate and how to wage a war rather than make peace!

I predict and I am happy to say that women will soon lead the business world as well as the political landscape.  And men to hate me or hold it against me when I say that the world we live in is better and thanks to all the women who made it as such.

I conclude there will come a time when men would only wish and ask to have “equality with women”.





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