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What Do You Look For In A Man?


Do you still dream of your Knight in shining armor coming to sweep you off your feet on a white stallion? Arab Woman Mag asked some of our young lady readers, what they look for when searching for Mr. Right, wait till you read what they had to say…

Janna 24 years old:

“For me looks are not everything, it is his morals and ethics and what he stands for. I want him to be religious yet romantic to a realistic extent. It would be a bonus if he would help out with house chores.”


Mariam 27 years old:

“I will be honest all I want is a rich young man that would be madly in love with me that is all I need.”


Haya 20 years old:

“Education is a must and being understanding and tolerant as well. I want him to be romantic and attentive, care for my feelings and appreciate me. I would also want him to be religious and honest. Helping with house work would also be great. And as I love chips and chocolates I would like if he enjoys these snacks as well.”


Tala 17 years old:

“I want my man to be smart, loyal, compassionate, honest and a little jealous and protective of me. I want him to stand up for me and fight on my behalf. I would love to travel and see the world with him therefor he has to be modern and fun. Most of all I would want us to be in love with one another.”


Yasmin 19 years old:

“My dream man should always stand by my side no matter what. I want to feel safe when I am with him. I want him to be gentle and treat me well and make me happy, he has to respect and include me in decisions and ask for my opinion. And we must trust one another.”


The Verdict

Most young girls today dream of a loving and compassionate man. But the best equation for a successful and happy marriage is built on mutual understanding, respect, friendship and love. And although love is indeed an important aspect for a satisfying marriage yet it should not be the only basis for it. A couple should learn to be friends and partners in life and look out for one another’s needs and happiness.


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