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What does it mean to be feminine?


Females are one of God’s amazing and most exquisite creations. The unique combination of delicacy, compassion, tenderness and tolerance in all her shapes, forms and moods she is the glue and foundation for stability and happiness. The strongest of men melt in the presence of a compassionate woman. Her power lies in her femininity but what does it mean to be feminine? Arab Woman Mag asked some Arabian women about their point of view, and this is what they had to say:


Mayada Al Akhras, 27 years old

“In my view being feminine is being frail, not in the sense of lacking in confidence on the contrary but allowing the man to have the power and being dependent on him, yet in his absence to have the strength to stand up for herself.”


Hind Abdi l Fatah, 18 years old

“It is hard to deny that a female’s appearance and her look is what first grabs your attention, so I believe that being feminine is being beautiful. Women should show off their beauty and best features, be fashionable and pamper yourself. When you combine beauty and taking care of yourself being charismatic is sure to follow suite.”


Maha Al lozi, 30 years old

“From personal experience I’m convinced that being a lady is based on high ethics and morals. Being feminine means being delicate and respectful. No one truly looks in admiration towards a beautiful woman that lacks high ethical morals and standards, no one wants to be around a bad mouthed woman. So lower your voice and be gentle and subtle in your ways, this is true feminism.”


Dina Mohammd, 23 years old

I will not be able to pinpoint what exactly is feminism, as it is a woman’s true internal instinct, unfortunately some women let go of their feminine side and abuse it by childish ways to get to what they want or to find security. It is a fatal sword that is loved by all, that is what my view of feminism is.”


Sarah Hussain, 40 years old

A smart woman knows how to be feminine, how many times we see beautiful figures that lack emotion? The woman is a warm place to run to when in need; every one seeks her tenderness and gentle touch, the heart of a mother, and her respect for others. Don’t believe those who tell you show your beauty to be feminine, as I heard from my brothers and sons that although the first attraction is a woman’s looks but soon their fascination fades away and they start to search for something more meaningful and substantial.”


Mariam Mahmoud, 25 years old

“Here I remember my mother’s words, being feminine is having long hair and a short tongue! I won’t deny that beauty plays an important role in a woman’s feminisms yet the major attraction is her behavior. A woman who speaks in a load tone losses some of her feminism, be beautiful and elegant but never forget your manners and etiquette. The biggest secret of all is your smile never let leave your face, give power and confidence to those around you that is true feminism. Another powerful aspect are a woman’s tears, although they may show a weakness that I do not favor yet they add a kind of unique splendor.”


Each of us hold our own definition and understanding to what is being feminine, whether we agree or not a woman’s feminism will remain a secret that women hold inside of them. What about you dear readers what does being feminine in your eyes mean? Share with us your views and thoughts.


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