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What Goes Around Comes Around

Sarah’s story retold by Mira Khatib


I use to believe that what goes around comes around. So I never stopped doing good deeds not wanting anything in return. I was on top of the world with a great career and a family that loved me and encouraged me.

All until the unexpected happened, with the crash and economic devastation I was let go from my work. In the time of need, I became in need.  But I didn’t let that bring me down as I thought I had the support of many and surely with my skills and education I would eventually work again.

Days turned to weeks, and weeks into months and that supporting family that I carried for years started treating me like a burden, even my words seemed to annoy them. When I turned to my friends they seemed to disappear, when I knocked time and time again on doors I got nothing but a closed response. My faith and hope started to waiver, I started slipping into a dark, ugly and worrisome place; a place that I only heard about and didn’t believe even existed.

I felt alone, and I isolated myself even further. The memory of a successful, independent strong woman seemed such a distant and faded image as if it never existed. I didn’t feel like I could get up any more after being knocked down so many times. I even thought of staying in my dark corner forever; it seemed easier and less painful from the hurtful gazes and comments accusing me of failure to no fault of my own.

But that worn out memory that glimpse of what use to be me, being happy and confident made me want to pick up the pieces and try again, in hopes that eventually a door would open and an answer would be heard.

I longed for a new beginning to good deeds that were killed and forgotten. I wanted it all back. And when I thought all hope was lost and there was nowhere to turn to except to the power in the skies above – the phone rang- I dared to dream and hoped as I answered. Would it be the call that would change my tomorrow? Give me a reason to get up in the morning? And although I couldn’t believe it, but it finally happened, a new opportunity to start over, I landed a job.

A difficult lesson indeed; without money and success even the closest and dearest people to you may turn away in your time of need and break you further. True friends are known and good souls always shine through the darkness. And yes, I still believe that what goes around comes around – God have mercy on those souls that didn’t help pick me up, as one day fate might come knocking on their door, would they remember me then?



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  1. WI think the question here is, when one day fate comes knocking on their door, would YOU remember them, then?

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