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What makes you special?

By Ramzi Arabi


Is it the golden beauty of golden dusk in your eyes or the whispering drops of dew over your lips? Is it the harmony of nature that lives in you, or the bells of eternity in your heart?

What really makes you special is unseen; as you could break the firm walls of my burg and ease my burden; you knew how to be special. As you passed through me, you awaken up my sleepless dreams. Now I can see you staring back at me, your face is so serene.

Before your birth in my eyes, things were nameless, and through the lonely nights I used to lose the sense of seeing. The whiteness has been filled with blackness, and so many years of pathetic promises, emptiness ruled my unfulfilled dreams.

My emotions were scattered like dust is scattered when seen through the storm, and all the hate that fed my illusory moments is gone, all the grief that has been brought to me by the horror of yesterdays is vanished.

All are gone as you decided to occupy me and spread your innocence over my dead shadows. Now I’m found, and trapped under the veils of your warmth. I don’t wish to leave.

Photo credit: Lake Effects Photography / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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