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What You Did Not Know About Money Disorders



I have always known people that have a lot of money but do not spend much. I have also known people who have a fair amount of money and overspend; not to mention those who never take responsibility of their finances and are always financially dependent on someone. I have never known that those cases are actual money disorders until the moment I decided to write this article. Frankly, I have always thought about those people as ones with psychological issues.

Because I am pretty sure that not everybody knows what money disorders are nor their symptoms, I have researched about them and presented few of them below:

  • Under-spending: You know someone under-spends when he has a lot of money or savings, but never spend any of this money to satisfy his desires or for pleasure and delight.
  • Financial Denial: Someone is in a financial denial when he falls in debt and never pays his bills, because he can not face the reality that he has money problems.
  • Workaholism: If you disregard other life’s activities and insist on working and working and working without stopping, for the thought that if you work more, then you will have more money over time and have a happy life later on, then you are a workaholic because it is now or never.
  • Financial Dependency: Simply, it is when you never seize the opportunity to take responsibility for your own financial matters and stay financially dependent on others.
  • Overspending: It is also known as excessive spending. People who overspend tend to ignore and neglect financial matters in the long run. They often lose control when they are out shopping.
  • Financial Infidelity: It is when a person tends to hide all the facts and secrets about his/her financial matters and money spending from the partner.

Apparently, we should never judge a book by its title, we better look and research before labelling anyone.

If you know someone who suffers from those disorders, tag them below.

Let us know if you know of any other money disorders in the comments below or tweet us at @C2C_Me.

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