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What’s your Passion?

By Mira Khatib


A question that we are often asked, “What’s your passion?” If only it was easy to find the answer. When I looked up the meaning of the word “Passion” in the dictionary it stated that Passion: is a powerful feeling towards something or an extreme interest in or wish for doing something, such as a hobby or activity. Today finding your passion is translated into finding your true calling, something that gives you purpose, satisfaction and a feeling in your heart that it is something you are meant to be doing.

Some are blessed in realizing their passion early on in life, and dedicate their lives to fulfilling their calling. Whether your passion is in arts, music, or helping others, the end result is in feeling satisfied, that powerful feeling that in turn converts into happiness and pride.

However many others find it difficult to pin point what it is they are passionate about and how to turn it into action. We grew up conditioned to listen to others more than our own voice inside. Allowing others to influence our choices of what is truly best for us and accept the mold we should fit in, believing they must know best, measuring our self-worth by how others see us. Some of those people when advising us have good intentions and just don’t have the perspective to see differently. While others discourage choices of “passion” out of fear of you reaching success; as this puts them out of their comfort zone forcing them to face their own demons and short comings, so they try to limit others accomplishments.

You should have courage to follow your dreams and passions not just follow other people’s expectations of you. It is not wrong to seek advice and hear people out, but in the end you should never forget that it is YOUR CHOICE and you have a right to take advice or leave it.

Just listen to your heart, and that gut feeling that is there to guide you, and when you finally silence all those negative voices, and clear that clutter of fear, negativity and break that mold that doesn’t fit you; only then you will have a better chance of discovering your true passion.


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