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Where is Social Justice?




My article this week is very short.  Not that the subject lacks material to talk about, but, at the heart of the matter; there are no more words other that the following to say!

Equality, peace, justice, fairness, diversity, opportunity, inclusion, access, prosperity and participation are just a few concepts that invite us to visit a just society.

A society like the one Socrates; the father of Philosophy, discussed with various Athenians and others to debate whether the just ‘man’ is happier than the unjust ‘man’.  Plato then in his book; Plato’s Republicwrote about a just ‘man’ in a just city-state that is ruled by the ‘philosopher king’.

In a just and productive setting, he wrote, the ideal political republic is an analysis of the workings and moral improvement of the individual soul that invites us to go deeply into the psychology and philosophy of ‘man’ kind in order to grasp what is needed to avoid conflict.  When the latter is achieved, then, an integration under a just and a productive united society takes place.

Have we progressed much since Socrates, or have we lived centuries dwelling on what is not relevant?

The core of the issue, as the ancient philosopher explained, is the individual’s soul and its voyage into what the concept of the good is.

So what is our conclusions in the 21st century?  Has the majority found out what the concept of the ‘Good’ is?  Is it a concept based on ‘Caring’?

Is the latter a feminine attribute that summarizes how we care about each other to do justice by universal laws and are we progressing towards a stage of enlightened beings that put aside, amongst many other destructive concepts, hatred, domination, mental illness, and injustice?

I wonder!


Courtesy of our collaborators Challange 2 Change C2C_Logo

 Challenge to Changeis an initiative aimed at raising awareness about mental health for women from the Middle East. It is a  platform for dialogue and support, enabling women to share their experiences, strengths and hope while being supported by mental health professionals. Through raising awareness and taking on the stigma, Challenge to Change has created safe communication channels and support groups with the objective of providing effective and lasting solutions.

Challenge to Change is THE voice for mental wellness for women from the Middle East.”


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