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Why Pregnant Women Should Exercise

By Lana Elayyan
Personal trainer / fitness consultant


Pregnancy can suck your energy, but regular movement and exercising will help you get through your daily tasks or schedule especially if you have other kids to take care of.
When you have toned and strong muscles it will help you go through your day with less effort to engage in any activity.
According to American college of obstetricians and gynecologists you can safely take part in 30 minitues or more of moderate exercise daily as long as you don’t have a medical condition or complication that your doctor said would limit your activity level.
If you decided to get involved in any activity or exercise make sure to follow your doctor and trainer (fitness consultant) do’s and don’ts.

I will highlight some of the benefits of exercising during pregnancy:
Sleeping better 

Besides of boosting your energy levels you can sleep better as well during the night. When you are carrying extra weight in front of you finding a comfortable sleeping position can be challenging. Exercising will help you work off any excess energy and tire you to get a more restful sleep .


Reduce pregnancy discomfort

Regular exercise stretches and strengthens your muscles which help your body cope better with the aches of pregnancy.  For example: stretching eases back pain, walking improves your circulation and swimming can strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Prepare for childbirth

It’s well-known that the better shape you are in, the stronger you will become labor and delivery time.
Training for childbirth through exercise may ease labor and even shorten the time it takes to deliver your baby.
Reduce stress and lift your spirit

Having a child is life-changing. An experience that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious, exercising can reduce those feelings.


Improved your self-image 

Watching the scale inch its way up to numbers you’ve never seen before can be disheartening.
Staying active helps you feel better about yourself and improve your odds of gaining a healthy amount of weight.
Get your body back faster after childbirth 

I guess this is the biggest motivation for many women on a pregnancy exercise regime.

When you’ve maintained your strength and muscle tone all through your pregnancy your body will have an easier time bouncing back after you give birth. You will also gain less weight if you exercise during pregnancy.

Stay fit during pregnancy you will never regret it, to be a happy mom, you have to be a healthy mom. Good luck.


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