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Why We Want More Women Leaders

 By Nadia Hashem


To start with I would like to shed light on an important fact that has been proven to be right, in theory and reality:

No society or economy could prosper without the full participation of half of its population, and I add that prosperity comes through learning from adversity a trait we in Jordan are quite familiar with both men and women. I quite agree that the best man for the job is a woman! It is true; especially if it happens that the woman is a leader and creative at the same time. A creative leader combines two of the best qualities, for men and women.

A woman who is creative and a leader at the same time can perform miracles in her work, despite her surrounding environment whether it is supportive or not; she keeps advancing because she is always seeking renovation on every level.

Why we want more women leaders? Women leaders are more persuasive and they are more adventurous, also  styles of leadership is changing nowadays, a feminine way of leading includes helping the world to understand and be principled about values that really matter.

As a Jordanian I say we are proud of our Jordanian constitution which insists on equality, many constitutional provisions that affirm basic rights and political representation for all. For example, Article 22 states that each Jordanian has equal opportunity to be appointed to and serve in public office as such appointments “shall be made on the basis of merit and qualifications.”

Jordanian Constitution was written in 1952 and states that all “Jordanians shall be equal before the law. There shall be no discrimination between them as regards their rights and duties on grounds of race, language or religion.

The current operating legal framework for women’s rights in Jordan includes the Jordanian Constitution, a civil status code, the Personal Status Law and international law regarding human rights. Traditional and cultural ideas of femininity also affect how women are viewed and treated in Jordan; taking into consideration the women in Jordan did not receive the right to vote until 1974. So we are very much in need of legislations that match the spirit of our Jordanian constitutions.

Today Jordan is considered to be one of the leading countries in the Arab world that is doing a good job towards achieving equality between the two sexes.

But still we are aiming to improve women participation in decision making – political, economical and social participation.


Nadia Hashem was the first woman State Minister for Woman Affairs in Jordan, she is a politician, a journalist, a poet and most of all an inspiration working hard on making a difference with a mission to empower women, currently she is Head of Women Empowerment Team at Economic Development Forum EPDF

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One comment

  1. It is true that a society would not prosper with half its population not participating in its economy.
    That’s about society.
    For individual women, it is a right to have a chance to grow and develop and not sit and wait.
    For families, moms make the best role models on how to deal with life. When moms have strong personalities, their kids grow up to be better adjusted to real life.
    For husbands, it will be more quality relationship and joy when you have a partner, not a house keeper.

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