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Womanhood Is Not A Weakness

By Joy Frawley 



As women we are all a part of something magnificent and that is womanhood. We are one unit in a vast world sharing a common heartbeat to restore and nurture life. Displaying the common traits of a woman such as compassion and a loving nature are not something to hide nor feel shame for. Those are natural to us. Yet, more often than not, those very characteristics that we share cause a divide among us because many women feel that by displaying them we show weakness. We need to be tough.  


Recently, I have become a kinder and gentler person by giving myself permission to be different. I simply made a decision to give myself credit for being a woman and all that entails. I am learning to value my softer feminine side. Some days I hardly recognize myself because there is immensely less strife and it’s a change I am embracing. This transformation I see in myself is something I warrant to being female. I just never took the time, had the inclination or allowed myself to experience it before.  I think I felt that strength meant being confrontational and that unless I was on the muscle I couldn’t be effective. I am learning that is not true. I’m relishing the very actions and feelings I previously despised. I am grasping the power of being calm and thought provoking versus an aggressive attack with my tongue. 


I can’t help but wonder what our world would look like if women encouraged one another to emanate gracious feminine qualities. Would that really be a setback for us as a whole? Do we really need to tear and shred at one another or claw our way to the top in order to be effective? Is it possible that by accepting our feminine characteristics that we would create a universal tidal wave of inspiration within our female ranks causing us to unify in a way beyond our wildest dreams? Let’s nurture the traits of love and womanhood in one another. Let’s acknowledge being a woman is not weakness. We don’t need to change who we are. Our nurturing and loving natures are gifts our thirsty world needs for balance. We are powerful. We are beautiful. We are family. We are women.  

Photo credit: jesuscm [discovering Japan] / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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