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Women Are Oxygen 

By Majed Dodeen


I have written more than forty books. Most of them are on and for women. An astonished journalist interviewed me and asked, not without a good deal of shrewdness:
“Why do you write most of your books on and for women?”
My clear and frank reply was, “I am a man who refuses to be a hypocrite and I like and must be just, fair and honest; women for me are more important than oxygen because they are our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters. Women are our companions, our beloved soul mates and the sisters of men … they are the queens of the faithful kingdom of marriage. If we try to imagine life without women, we may find it to be a barren, treeless, waterless desert without the means for prosperity.


The kind, innocent and pious woman represents the beloved name, the magnificent symbol, the pleasant melody, the dear homeland, the genuine love, the compassion, kindness, truth, goodness, beauty, the right concept, the insight and the wonderful idea. They are the mind, the heart, the conscience, the peak that encompasses all the meanings of innocence, generosity, loyalty and purity.
Women are the inspiration for all the fine arts and are that beautiful common denominator in all our lives.


The poet says about her “You are my inspiration,” and the merchant says
“You are the treasure of my hopes,”
The doctor says to her “You are the remedy for my heart,”
And the jeweler says “You are the gem,” and the lawyer says to her “You are my triumph,”
The politician says, “You are the conviction that will never be annulled,” and the grocer says to her “You are as sweet as honey” and the electrician says “You are the light of my life,” and the translator says to her “You are the dictionary in my life”.


Life is a beautiful equation based on the equilibrium: man + woman = life. Anything else created by Allah is for them both, and they are created for an exalted goal dearer than materialism, a purpose meant for the world of the spirit to be the rope that holds us, the path that leads us to the truth without which our existence becomes of no avail and knows only absurdity, misery and despair.


The day is made up of 24 hours, as if it were 24 empty cups. The key question is what should we fill the cups of our lives with?
We can fill our lives with love, peace, beauty, elegance, morals, ethics, knowledge, faith and charity

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