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Women Benefiting Women 

By Danya Hilmi


There is a need to clearly see how the business world looks upon women; the view maybe summarized in two words “unequal partners”.   This is not a challenge to Arab women only, but rather globally and more so in the less developed countries.

This article is not to bore you with statistics and studies that largely say similar things such as women are paid 20 to 30% less than men for doing exactly the same job, nor it is to demoralize women with phrases that say women chances of getting to the top of the pyramid are significantly lower than men; instead this short article is to raise awareness and to look for simple solutions to better advance women careers and contribution to the business world.

Having said the above, a major impediment in the advancement of women are women themselves. Often many women do not support each other naturally.  Benefiting one another is seen as a taboo rather than opening doors and providing opportunities.  Forming a united front with the intention of benefiting other women is simply not engraved in women’s DNA.  Therefore, it is time to build bridges not obstacles, it time to believe in women capabilities and not weaknesses and above all women need to work harder and smarter together and learn how to work the “system”.

My final thoughts are to stress upon good education for women.  Further, a well rounded knowledge is needed to succeed, yes becoming more familiar with the world around politically, economically and socially.  Finally, building and maintaining relationships are critical to advancement.

To all my fellow women, let us work together and help one another.  This is the right thing to do as this will surely make the world we live in, a better one for all.

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  1. As a business man I agree with this short piece. Women often do not support one another and many lag behind men in understanding world affairs which is an asset in building knowledge needed for career advancement.

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