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Women for Philanthropy 

By Danya Hilmi


Thatcher once said; “If you want something talked about, give it to a man; and if you want something done, give it to a woman”. Thatcher was not generalizing but merely making a point that women have the compassion and resolute to get things done; all things, whether it is an act of war (in the case of the iron lady) or building the community or raising a family.  Women are certainly capable of achieving the most difficult; can anyone imagine a man going through the pains of pregnancy, labor and raising children?  Yet women do this and more with care, joy and passion.

So what does this have to do with women and Philanthropy?

We sadly live in a world filled with chaos; everyday killing; poverty; displacement of millions, decaying environment, and the list goes on.  The poor, and by poor I mean financially, emotionally and educationally are on the rise. It is alarming.  Men politicians just talk about the problems but no solution or plan in sight to solve the problems we are living! Therefore, this is a call for action to all women; for the sake of humanity, the environment and ourselves we all need to unite to revive the good things around us.  Philanthropy is not only about giving money to the poor; better it is also about educating the less fortunate; raising a family with moral values and principles and doing good deeds without expecting any return.  All women need to rise to resolve the surmountable challenges humanity is experiencing. By women I am calling upon working women and housewives.  I am calling upon the young and the not so young.  This warrants a collective effort.  So why women?  Because when women put their minds to something they do it!

For those that work; donate to trusted charities; focus on education to eradicate poverty; help other women succeed and keep your moral compass in sight.  For the housewives; teach your children kindness and compassion, teach them the importance of education and being a proactive member in their communities,teach them to love thy neighbor and to respect people from all walks of life and certainly instill in them the joy of giving.

After all Philanthropy is about making others happy without expecting a return.  Giving a smile to  a stranger, preventing harm from happening; donating your used clothes, toys and giving money to those that need it most; raising awareness, promoting education and reading, it is all about appreciating the goodness around and reciprocating.  Women can and should lead the goodwill at home and at work. Let us prove that women are the greater cause for good. Let women be the champions of change, a change that transforms our world into a more hospitable, more humane, more compassionate, more caring and more giving place to live. 


 Photo credit: JasonTank via / CC BY-NC-SA

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  1. In these days women are trusted to get things done. Unlike men who drove us to the brink of disaster.
    I agree with you Danya and I add my voice to yours.

  2. All prophets and all religions have taught us the joy of giving. NO matter how small the deed is, just do it.

  3. Very true Danya. It is time for everyone to believe in women’s capabilities. We as women proved ourselves in everything we do. We are perfectionist by nature, committed and dedicated. We need women like you with their pens and words to always remind sleepy brains to accept the reality of equality and believing in each other potentials.
    Well done!

  4. Collaboration is powerful. Staying optimistic is a must.
    Time is now for women to lead.

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