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Women’s Good Points   


By Jo Anne Morris


Women in the workforce have some challenges that men don’t have! (Like that is news to you working women!)

Now, that we are past that, may we take a look at some of the blessing we DO have?

Our blessings are:

(1) Our health!
(2) Our emotions!
(3) Our drive to care for our loved ones!
(4) Our compassion and understanding!
(5) Our ability to listen with love!
(6) Our ability to coach and not preach!
(7) Most of us have only a minimum of ego to get in our way!

#1. We do pay more attention to what our bodies tell us. We are not cursed with what I like to call the, “John Wayne” syndrome. I even use a personal health coach to keep me on track with diet and exercise. Since we are more likely to get regular checkups we tend to live longer. Sometimes a health coach is all that is needed to “keep us on track” After all, we do know what we need to do, and it is just a case of getting it done!

#2. Our emotions are not always a curse. We are also blessed with the ability to “feel” what others are telling us. We don’t only rely on the facts, but we feel the picture in total. We can “read” the meaning behind the words. Often times, we are in coaching positions that allows us to actually be an advisor to our business and personal contacts and help other women to improve just a little for that time of their life.

#3. Our most dominant “instinct” is the need to protect our young and our “mothering instinct”, as my father used to say. We will go to great lengths to protect and provide for loved ones—–we are DRIVEN! This force also works well in business for us. We do not give up easily. When we believe in something, there is almost nothing that will prevent us from sharing, coaching and leading other women in the same direction.

#4. We have been blessed with the 6th sense as men refer to it. When we listen to our “gut” we are on the right track. This instinct protects us in dangerous situations. It provides insight into a potentially unstable move we are considering. This sense can coach and move us in the right direction for our own good. It is a well-informed coach that is there to give us advice by a mere thought.

#5. We tend to listen to someone with more love and understanding. Usually we are more compassionate and forgiving, so we can extend a helping hand more freely. Often we have been there and experienced the discomfort ourselves. When a friend has a trial or test we can listen with compassion and caring and offer coaching if it is appropriate.

#6. We “coach” our families, friends and business partners because we know they don’t need more lectures and shoving to get the job done! Very often they only need someone to listen to what they have to say with genuine interest. We can usually pull out the right answer from our vast unlimited intelligence with some sincere understanding.

#7. Our egos are seldom in the issue because we have the ability to see the big picture is not about me, but about us as a team! We are not trying to prove a point here or be “right” all the time. We are just here to support each other through the battles that life puts out for us…………uninvited!!

A good coach will be objective with you. This lets you see the emotional side of the issuer more clearly. Since we are driven to stay on the right track it allows us to extend the needed helping hand and we can get the job done as a team! Sometimes it is hard to sort the facts out because of the emotion involved and we have trouble seeing the big picture. When a friend, helper, teammate is there for us, we have additional strength and can overcome obstacles easily.

In closing, please protect your health. Share your emotions more freely. Let your inner drive allow you to listen with compassion, understanding and love. Keep your ego out of the way so we can coach and not lecture.

Together we can “soar” to a greatness that we cannot achieve alone!!


About the Author: Businesswoman, Friend, Collaborator, and Team player, Jo Anne Morris fills her Entrepreneurial Calling by offering a great service that enriches the lives of others. Together with other fellow BraveHeart Community members, her goal is to empower Women to be multi-dimensional success stories and inspiration to others. Be Sure to Visit: Be a BraveHeart Woman


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