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Women’s Voices Now Film Festival

Women’s Voices Now Reel from Women’s Voices Now on Vimeo.


Women’s voices continue to be globally underrepresented in mainstream media. That’s why Women’s Voices Now (WVN) hosts an annual Online Film Festival for films and filmmakers interested in exposure and advocacy of global women’s rights issues.

We promote and amplify the free expression of the worldwide struggle for women’s civil, economic, political, and gender rights through online content and community-based events. We create platforms that connect conscientious art and media creators, activists, filmmakers, audiences, and advocacy organizations around the globe.

Films in our festivals explore a variety of important issues. We welcome submissions made by men and women dealing with: Political representation, justice in the legal system, portrayals of violence against women, leadership and advocacy, harmful and controlling cultural practices, economic empowerment, equal education opportunities, challenging media stereotypes, women’s sexuality, healthy partnerships and relationships, reproductive health, and matriarchal societies.

Submit your film to our fourth annual festival, or share with a friend! Make your voice heard!

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