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5 creative tips to save water


The World Toilet day, promoted by United Nations, brings to light important concerns about the condition and availability of sanitation around the world. About 2.5 billion people don’t have access to the basic sanitary conditions we take for granted, having a dramatic consequence on hygiene, the environment and socio-economic development.

Hygienic access to water is a real struggle in many places without toilets, and even in countries where we can find proper sanitization, we still have problems like water wastage; contributing to a world with fewer natural resources. In the UAE, despite its being listed as one of the highest ranked countries to be ‘water-stressed’, has high per-capita water usage. In the Gulf region, the water consumption rate, per capita, is 300 to 750 liters per day – far higher than the global average of 250 liters.

World Toilet Day is a great opportunity for us to think about our own habits and have the chance to make small changes to contribute to a better world. Helpling ( the leading online-platform for home cleaners brings you 5 creative tips to save water and do your part.

  1. Shower and save every drop
    In most households, water is not always immediately hot. This is alright when it comes to washing hands; however, no one enjoys starting the day with a cold shower. Therefore, you can either plan in advance and turn the heater on 15 minutes before your shower, or, if you don’t have time to wait, you can let the water run, but don’t  let it flow down the drain; it’s clean and ready to use. Collect it in a container and use it to water the plants, for example.
  2. Reuse water from the washing machine to clean floors and exterior surfaces
    If you detach the outflow pump from the wall, you can reuse the water your washing machine would otherwise waste. This water can be used to clean interior and exterior surfaces. Simply sloshing the water onto the floor will result in the targeted area being too soapy, so simply use a cloth as a filter and ring out the water onto the floor once you wet it.
  3. Install a low-flow tap nozzle
    You can also stop by a nearby hardware store or a market and purchase a water pressure reducing valve. Installing one of these can reduce your tap flow pressure from as much as 19 liters per minute to as little as 3.8. With this, the water jet retains its full volume but gives out water with less pressure! As simple as that!
  4. When eggs discourage wasting water
    If you are a fan of hard boiled eggs, this tip can save water and fill your belly. The next time you boil eggs, save the water and pour it on your garden. The water becomes enriched with calcium when the eggs are cooked and it really benefit your plants, especially solanaceous garden plants (tomatoes and peppers for example).
  5. Use a spray bottle to clean
    When cleaning the various rooms in the house, use a spray bottle to minimize the amount of water wasted without compromising on the cleaning process. Use a solution of water mixed with disinfectant and wipe with a cloth to ensure ultimate cleaning.


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