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Your Destiny Has a Lifetime Warranty

By Alexa Keating


Are you becoming who you were created to be? If not, you are likely one of the people who allow ‘those things’ that occur in your life, even the small things, to assume far more importance than necessary. Most of ‘those things’ are small ripples in the water that spread out and seem insurmountable at times. The ripple effect rules when we believe the illusion that those events can encompass and control our destiny. Still waters run deep; less than a foot beneath those ripples that seem so foreboding, the water is still. There is no turbulence just under the illusion of turmoil.

Nature provides a good example for us. When trees are caught in wind storms their roots are torn as the wind moves them. These tears mend themselves leaving the roots and the tree stronger than before. Like the tree, when events occur that tear at our very foundation, the healing comes leaving all that was tossed, torn and challenged stronger than before. If we can be still and focused like the deep water, the ripples pass and smooth out encouraging and supporting us to grow stronger.

How can we do this when we are in the midst of turbulence? It requires building a firm foundation about what you accept and know to be truth. When you can stand firm on your own personal belief system, nothing can move you. Those ripples typically represent change; change can invite our enemy, fear. Fear is a powerful emotion. When it arrives it is necessary to turn to the most powerful weapon you hold, faith. As events occur that you may not understand, even those that seem capable of creating permanent detours and altering the course of your life you can simply say, ‘these things can’t move me.’ Know that ‘these things’ are the pebbles that created the ripples in the water. Stand firm in faith, knowing that the ripples will steady and disappear leaving smooth sailing in its wake.

When you are in the midst of troubled waters it is important to remember that you do have a life plan, that you were created as a unique and incredible expression of a loving Creator who knows who you were created to become. He offers a lifetime warranty on your destiny to ensure that everything that may feel broken will be repaired and made right or replaced with something better if you return it to Him in faith.


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